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See differences on our thin PP cases

Well, we can say that we're the first to use this food grade material--PP to produce phone cases in the market, it was on 2012, began from for iPhone 4, then after a couple of years, some suppliers tried to follow, but PP material is very unstable and there were some issues, as a professional and focused supplier on this, we've been focusing on this since 2012, I ramdonly showed some differences here, please take a look.


Big+long cutouts

Not very precise mould making experience, cannot make small holes, so they choose a easy way to make it big and long.


Mould marks

They want to make it small cutouts, but still, not good at precise mould making,many mould marks there and cannot be solved


1:1 precise small holes, no any mould marks

We've been making precise moulds since 2002, 17-year experience, a specialist in precise moulds, ensure it 1:1 small cutouts without any mould marks, to presue perfection, 100% seamless fusion to phone, like a part of the phone.


Too rough, very "plastic"

Very rough when holding at hand, and looks like there are many sands, looks and feels cheap plastic.


Tiny matte, looks and feels premium

Remember matte phones(5,6,7/8,7P/8P)? They have very tiny matte texture so that it looks and feels premium, and we used the same process during our mould making.


Expand, loose?

This kind of cheap PP material is not stable, will expand after a short period of using, and become very loose.


Too fragile?

This is another kind of PP material, it has less flexibility, very "fragile", will break easily


Stable, no loose, no fragile

PP materials are not that easy, there are hundreds of kinds, and we've been testing, selecting and combination since 2012, finally we form a perfect formula, solved "loose" and "fragile" issue. We've been focusing on this, believe the power of profession.


True minimal

Get samples at hand to feel, you will find our case is true minimal, really thin, thick ones feel hard


Why can be this thin?

It depends on the injection machines, we use Japan imported Fanuc high speed injection machines, only this kind of machine can inject this thickness, and it costs 3-4 times than normal machines, while 99% suppliers they use normal machines, thinnest they can do is 0.6mm, machine has limitations.


Air marks?

Why they have visible air marks? Coz they have air stuck in the mould during injection, and it's hard to solve for many suppliers.


Clean and neat

We have more equipments to absort air during injection, so, air marks are well solved.