Why a matte TPU case for AirPods is better than the silicone one?

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Recently we developed a matte TPU case for AirPods charging box, became the first and currently the only one supplier who uses TPU instead of silicone material (all ones in the market are silicone), we bought samples from several silicone factories and made a comparison, let's take a look. 

TPU case Vs. Silicone case for AirPods:

Anti Dirt

Silicone ones become dirty easily for the property of this material. Someone tried to solve this, so they spayed rubber oil on the silicone, but it ended up with other issues like rubber oil layer peeling off and also extra costs.

While TPU not, it's clean there all the day.

Silicone case for AirPods get dirty easily

silicone case for AirPods

Premium Surface

Silicone ones look dim, while TPU cases look a little bit "shiny", we did sparking process on the mould to make that finish, it's delicate, and feels good, it's tiny matte.

Matte TPU case for AirPods shiny matte

Easy Installation&Removal

If you try to put on a silicone case, you can feel it's difficult, like it's being blocked there, the same issue when you remove. While for our TPU case, it's much more easier, but still grips.

Silicone case for AirPods

TPU case for AirPods easy removal


Silicone ones are 1.7-2.0mm, TPU cases from Medome Technology is just 1.5mm, no adding bulk, like wearing a shirt instead of a down jacket.

slim airpods case

Here is link of  TPU case for AirPods.Click to view more details. You can also see the video there.


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